пятница, августа 27, 2010

Lugano, Switzerland as I saw it today

Today I made a day trip to Lugano an amazing cozy city in Switzerland situated close to Italian border in about 40 minutes from Milan. If you're searching for the top quality swiss-made watches this is a right place for you! Or you can simply make some "watch watching")). As for the clothes I suggest a giant outlet "Fox Town" which is located outside the city. Above shopping activities there're plenty of things to do there - you can walk in amazing garden along the lake or take a boat that will bring you to the mountain on the other bank. Here is also located the famous park called "Little Swizerland" which is basicly a country in miniature. Lugano is also a city where lived and worked the writer Herman Hesse (one of my favourites) so you can visit his museum-apartment. And the last thing - don't be surprised if you'll see George Clooney passing by on the Harley with his italian girlfriend. He usually spends summer in these parts...
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Have a nice virtual trip!

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